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Trucy Wright ([personal profile] everylittlething) wrote2014-05-12 11:46 am

IC Contact

"Hello! You've reached Trucy Wright of the Wright Anything Agency! If you need to hire one of our talented agents, press 1!

Just kidding. I couldn't figure out how to make the phone do that. But leave a message after the beep anyway. Beeeep!"
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[personal profile] huitzilin 2014-07-06 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
HI TRUCY its me your new assistant!! I told Kaine and he's being a big grump about E V E R Y T H I NG. he wants to know if there's money in magic
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Great! we need money. i wanted to ask because I think hes worried. Don't worry! I'll convince him.

Hes being a big grump!
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WOW that's enough for food!!!
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We could even bring in more!! we'll just really WOW them!

[ guess who's really good at emotionally manipulating the audience? ]
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Good. I'll tell him. he was going to NOT let me do magic but i WANT to do magic and I can totally convince him now! 7 years, Trucy's the greates magician ever!

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I'm blushing so much!!!
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ring ring

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Ms. Wright, this is David Alleyne with imPort Career Services. I was hoping I might be able to speak with you about a potential opportunity for the Wright Anything Agency. Please call me back at [ this number ] as soon as you're available.
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[ sorry trucy he's just trying to unload one of his own, unfortunately. ]

Ms. Wright, thank you for returning my call. Again, I'm with imPort Career Services, and I'm calling on behalf of a client. He's a man of extraordinary talent and we were hoping you might be interested in incorporating it into your own agency.
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Of course, Ms. Wright, I understand that my say-so won't be enough to get him hired on its own. I'm having him prepare a video demonstration that I would be glad to forward along to you.

His name is Joseph Joestar, and he's an aspiring magician. As you are experienced in the field yourself, I thought you would be the first person I'd call.
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Absolutely, but I can assure you that his performance will certainly leave you impressed. I apologize for not having the video resume prepared in advance, but you'll see it the moment it's in my hands.
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text, 24 hours later

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Ms. Wright, this is David Alleyne with imPort Career Services. I apologize again for the delay, but I wanted to touch bases with you regarding Joseph Joestar. I have received the video resume I discussed in our previous conversation, and it has been attached for your consideration.

I hope you'll be impressed, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!

Attachments: jojo.avi

[ he edited out the last few seconds and re-uploaded, but if she checks the network she'll see a very familiar performance. ]