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AGE: 27
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SERIES: Ace Attorney



HOUSING: With her father Phoenix Wright.


Trucy is the granddaughter of the world-famous stage magician Magnifi Gramarye. Her mother, Thalassa Gramarye, was Magnifi's only daughter. Her biological father, Zak Enigmar, was one of Magnifi's two disciples, the other being her "uncle" Valant. The Gramarye Troupe was among the most prolific stage acts in the world, and also a hotbed of drama, blackmail and extremely poor decision-making all around.

When Trucy was 5, her mother was critically injured in an accident during a stage rehearsal. Determined that the incident not turn into a scandal to ruin their stage show, Magnifi hid the accident and Thalassa "disappeared," with her husband, daughter, and Valant all believing she was dead. From that point on Magnifi blackmailed his two disciples to keep them quiet and under his complete control. Clearly a pillar of moral fortitude, that Magnifi.

Magnifi died in the hospital when Trucy was 8, and the circumstances of the death seemed to point to murder. Trucy's father Zak was accused of the crime. He originally hired defense attorney Kristoph Gavin, but after beating him at poker summarily dismissed him and instead hired Phoenix Wright. On the day of the trial, a vengeful Kristoph handed the young Trucy a piece of paper and told her to give it to Phoenix Wright, claiming it was important. Unknown to Trucy or to Phoenix, it was actually a forgery, and it was exposed as such the moment Phoenix presented it as evidence.

To make matters worse, Zak had never planned on standing trial to begin with. He disappeared from the defendant's stand in a trick he performed with the help of his unwitting daughter. At the end of the day, Phoenix had lost his attorney's badge, and Trucy was left alone in the courthouse, her father having vanished into thin air.

Now orphaned, Trucy was adopted by Phoenix and raised from then on as his own daughter. In the ensuing years, Phoenix and Trucy changed his former law offices into a talent agency, representing Trucy as a magician and Phoenix as the world's worst piano player (actually, an underground poker player.)

Seven years later, Trucy's father Zak reemerged from hiding, not to reunite with his daughter, but for two other reasons. The first was to pass the rights to Magnifi's tricks onto Trucy, and the second was to challenge Phoenix Wright to a game of poker. At the end of the night, Zak ended up murdered and Phoenix was accused. He hired rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice to see to his acquittal, and to make a long story short, Apollo ended up joining the Talent Agency as a defense lawyer.

Trucy made fast friends with Apollo and assisted him in many of his cases, showing off her natural perception abilities as well as the lawyer's intuition taught to her by her father.

Meanwhile, through his investigations into Trucy's family and the case that cost him his badge, Phoenix eventually discovered that Thalassa Gramarye was married once before Zak, and that Apollo was her long lost son from that marriage-- making Apollo and Trucy half-siblings. He also discovered that Thalassa was still alive, but had lost her memory, now living as the Borginian singer Lamiroir. Once she regained her memory, he promised Thalassa he watch out for Apollo and Trucy, and Thalassa decided she would tell Apollo and Trucy about their relationship when the time was right (though apparently has not yet done so.)


Trucy is a cheerful, friendly, occasionally silly teenage girl who always has a smile on her face. Having grown up in a family of magicians, she is always thinking of putting on a show, and always concerned about the way others feel around her. She often tucks her own emotions away inside her for the sake of cheering others up, whether through her determination or through her talent as a magician. In one particularly extreme example, when she and a group of people are taken hostage by a kidnapper, she performs her magic act to keep everyone calm and relaxed. She is usually dressed in her stage uniform, always ready to pull out a trick and with at least a few of them on hand. Her life-sized puppet Mr. Hat is apparently on her person at all times, and she is also known for pulling improbable objects out of her magic panties (which are just a stage prop, and not her actual underwear, thankfully.)

Trucy is quite serious about her magic act, constantly practicing her tricks and calling herself a "professional." Technically she is, too, as she has been earning money from her magic performances ever since she was a child. She performs on a nightly basis, and is apparently the major source of income for the Wrights until her father picks up playing poker.

Though she seems silly and more focused on magic than reality at times, Trucy is actually quite observant and clever for a girl of her age. She often spots things even before Apollo does, or puts together hunches and conclusions that echo the sharp wit of her adoptive father in his heyday. This is likely in large part due to Phoenix's influence, though part of it comes from Trucy's own special abilities of perception that she inherited from her mother.

Occasionally, Trucy displays a slightly skewed sense of morals and comes off as not quite a con artist. She admits to helping Phoenix in certain big poker games using her perception ability, which isn't necessarily cheating as she's only looking for tells in the other players. She engages in dramatic acts with Phoenix to convince Apollo to help them, which seem bizarrely well-rehearsed. At one point, she uses her Mr. Hat puppet to pretend to hold herself hostage in order to buy more time in court, causing a major uproar. It's unclear whether Phoenix taught her these sorts of ideas, or if he merely didn't discourage them after she learned them from her biological father, who was something of a con artist in his own right. Though she may behave with a somewhat alarming set of morals, Trucy's intentions are always good, and she is always simply trying to help those close to her. She would never commit a crime or wrong someone for her own sake.

Trucy seems remarkably well-adjusted for a girl whose life has been as tumultuous as it has-- at least, on the surface. She keeps her fears and insecurities to herself for the most part, internalizing them so that others won't worry about her. Trucy would claim to never be sad or distressed, though her adoptive father Phoenix Wright knows better. She carries around the pain of being abandoned by her biological father, along with losing her mother at a very young age. Trucy also worries that she is inconveniencing others with her existence, both from the way she was left behind by her father and from her unknowing role in getting Phoenix disbarred. To compensate for this, she is bound and determined to be helpful whenever she can, from earning money for Phoenix to acting as moral support for her friends and acquaintances. She is so concerned with other people she neglects her own feelings and her own ability to just act like an ordinary teenager, and sometimes needs to be encouraged to relax and be honest with herself.

Though she is sometimes lonely and longs for answers about why she was left behind as a child, Trucy cherishes her adoptive father and the little family the two of them have assembled, feeling a particularly close friendship with Apollo (who is secretly her half-brother, though neither of them are aware of this yet.) She will do whatever it takes to keep them happy and to make herself useful for them so that they stay a part of her life.


An ability inherited from her mother's side of the family. Trucy has an above-average sense of sight, and can spot tension or tics in other people when they are nervous or lying. Phoenix often used her to help him out in poker games by spotting the tells of his opponents. She is not as skilled at this as Apollo is, however, as she does not have a bracelet to concentrate the ability like he does.

Summoning Objects: (out of a hat)
Upon arrival in Heropa, Trucy will have gained the ability to summon objects out of her hat, her magic panties, or any other small container-- without any prep or tricks. Something like Harry Potter's "accio" spell, the objects she accesses are not materialized out of thin air; they will simply disappear from another location (in MoM's setting, not *anywhere*) and teleport their way to her. As a limitation, the objects she summons must be real-- so no monsters or anything else non-existent-- and they must also small enough for her to carry-- so rabbits and anything she can hold are okay, but Ferraris and elephants are not. Trucy also must know basically what the object looks like enough to be able to visualize it, so she won't be snatching weapons-grade plutonium or overly sophisticated laboratory equipment. She can also return the objects to their original location by putting them back.



[A teenage girl with brown hair fiddles with her communicator, pursing her lips this way and that as she adjusts the video. Once she's satisfied, she smiles, steps back and replaces a bright blue top hat on her head.

Now she's all razzle-dazzle.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! It's so wonderful to be here tonight! My name is Trucy Wright, professional magician, and it's my pleasure to introduce myself and my services!

Though you may think my promises are empty... [Her hat comes off again and she shows off the interior.] I guarantee you won't be disappointed once you experience the joy and wonder of an authentic Trucy Wright performance!

[Reaching into her hat, she pulls out a long string of colorful flags, and a banner of letters which reads "Ta Da!" There is also a burst of glittery confetti as she holds out the flags as to be readable.]

I'm a princess of parties! A baroness of birthdays! A queen of corporate events! A wizard of weddings! And tons of fun at funerals! Furthermore, my rates are very reasonable!

And if a magician isn't what you need, I also represent Phoenix Wright, Ace Paralegal. He can make all your extra paperwork disappear!

[With a grin, Trucy takes a bow.]

So remember, if you need magic, and you need it spectacular, you need Trucy Wright!

[... then reaches into her hat and starts to pull out a broom.]

I'll be available for consultation as soon as I sweep up all the confetti.


For some reason, the bars here were not nearly as lenient about letting a 15-year-old girl perform in them as they were back home. It was the third or fourth place that had told her without any hesitation that she had to leave, that they were not in any way interested in having an underaged magician performing in their establishment. Even if she was a self-proclaimed professional (who could produce her business cards out of thin air, somehow.)

The next bar was different, though. From Trucy's survey as she walked in and pretended she needed to use the bathroom, it looked incredibly classy. They served fancy things like champagne and plates that were too small to actually consider a full meal. And best of all, there was a grand stage with velvet curtains and a piano, and a sign in the window that even said they wanted to hire some talent to perform.

This place was far too cool for her to ruin her chances by being direct, like the last few times. Nope... she needed to perform a little magic of her own-- convince an adult to vouch for her and act the part of her guardian. Daddy wouldn't mind... she had to get in here and seal the deal before they hired some other, less impressive magician!

"Excuse me," she said to the first adult or adult-looking person that walked by. "Can you please help me for a moment?"


Trucy does not have any of her magical implements from home except for her magic panties, and her Mr. Hat puppet. She will work on replacing the rest of them in due time.