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Oct. 17th, 2017 12:08 pm
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[ Who's that on the screen? Why, it's Reggie "New and Improved" Mantle! Looking awfully... well, a whole lot surlier than he ever tends to look on the network. He's wearing a loose jersey tee and has a backpack slung over his shoulder, evidently in a school hallway. ]

Hey, so! You wanna know what's bullshit? [ He slams his locker door shut for emphasis, hitting his fist against it to make sure it closes. ] And I mean complete and total BS-- you ready? Okay, listen to this.

[ He raises his eyebrows at the screen in an almost matter-of-factly, mocking way, but it's clearly angry, not meant in good humor whatsoever; judging by his tone of voice, which is almost uneasily calm, he's only barely managing to keep his temper in check.

Or not even barely-- the locker is definitely dented where he hit it, and noticeably (perhaps he's a bit strong, who knew!). Reggie narrows his eyes slightly, jaw clenching, but then he continues animatedly:

Guess what we just found out in practice today? Well, apparently football season's ending a little early this year, cuz both Archie and me? Were just fucking suspended from the team, pending-- [ Cue the one-handed air-quotes: ] an "investigation of our powers." Which is obviously a load of crap, because by the time it takes to do all that the season will have actually ended-- and also because Archie and me having powers doesn't make us fucking cheaters!

[ That's about when he loses it, kicking something off-screen. Maybe a trashcan? Damn, he is so mad. ]

So don't bother trying to go see us in any games! [ There's another off-screen crash as something else gets kicked, or maybe punched. ] God! Son of a--

[ Aaaand feed cut, since he's mostly just yelling in frustration now. ]


Oct. 17th, 2017 08:33 pm
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I've recently lost the job I had for 9 years and things are a bit chaotic right now. I simply don't have the brain to focus on RP at the moment.

I'll hope to be back around the 15th of November.

- Mari

001 ★ VIDEO

Oct. 17th, 2017 12:58 pm
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[As the broadcast begins, it appears as though classes at Heropa High have let out for the day and Josuke has wandered off from his peers. Choosing to nestle himself comfortably beneath an indiscriminate tree, his school bag strewn haphazardly next to him on the grass, a bit of a discontented pout tugs downward upon his lips.

Something has been weighing heavily on his mind all day and, with a rather exaggerated sigh, the sort that one might elicit if they were being forced to do something they didn't want to, he begins.]

Alright, show of hands, how many of you have been here before but don't remember?

[Josuke raises a hand and then drops it into his lap again a moment later. Seems admitting that is like pulling teeth.]

I like the scenery, and there's been a lot of cool stuff to check out around town, but all these people acting like they know me is kind of...

[Exhausting? Frustrating?

He takes a few seconds to ruminate on that, but when he can't seem to find the word he's looking for, he shakes his head and dismisses the thought altogether.]


Instead of dragging this out, I figured I should just hit up everyone at once. Or try. That's what this network is for, right? So if you know me, or knew me, I guess what I'm trying to say is...sorry. I don't really know who any of you are — but I'd like to.

[There, that wasn't so hard, was it?]

The name's Higashikata Josuke. It's nice to meet everyone.

[Managing a small and friendly smile at last, he ends the transmission there.]
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WHO: Lance and YOU!
WHERE: Around Heropa, Beach House of Lions
WHEN: Backdated to start October 10th through October 20th
WHAT: Getting used to the new homestead, shenanigans, Paladin Bonding
WARNINGS: None so far.

He scares all the children and shreds all the pillows )
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WHO: Rosa Diaz, Ruby Lucas, Poe Dameron, Daryl Dixon.
WHERE: Maurtia Falls, around the Porter Cities.
WHEN: Mid - late October, mid-afternoon and evening.
WHAT: Rosa and Ruby go bike shopping (it's like Rosa's version of buying curtains); Poe freaks Rosa out by talking to her bike and teaches her how to fly; Daryl and Rosa create a two-person motorcycle club.
WARNINGS: N/A. Will update as needed.

[It had been a long time coming, buying this bike. While she was grateful to have had Arlo somehow magically come through the Porter with her, she did sometimes wish he could have gotten some super sick power in which he could transform into a Ducati or something equally as amazing. Instead .. he remained a regular dog, much to Rosa's dismay.

She'd caught wind of some shop that struck deals with imPorts when it came to procuring a motorcycle. Rumor was that it was free for imPorts - though Rosa doubted it was a no-strings-attached kinda deal. She'd probably have to give some raving review, maybe do some positive publicity for the place.

And while Rosa didn't like the spotlight, she was ready to put on a Little Bo Beep outfit, get on TV, and talk in her "Amy voice" to get this damn bike. That's how desperate she'd gotten.

In trying to do the whole ... relationship thing, she'd asked Ruby if she wanted to go with her to get the bike. Ruby had said yes, so Rosa figured she'd trek over to Granny's, have a drink before they went, and then walk to the place together. Like an actual couple (though there was no PDA on Rosa's part, of course; it's no one's damn business who she's dating and/or boning).

Once at Granny's, she slips herself into the bar and ignores all of the patrons already there to sit herself on a stool. She's frequent enough that they know to give her a whiskey, which she happily sips on while waiting for Ruby to come and meet her.

Watching the Stars Fall [Closed]

Oct. 16th, 2017 05:20 pm
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WHO: Daryl, Dooku, and Raina
WHERE: Daryl's Cabin, then secret Warehouse or something that Dooku picks
WHEN: 10/15; Then a few days later
WHAT: Constellation stuff
WARNINGS: Will update if needed

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vows are spoken to be broken

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:03 pm
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WHO: Aurican and Kang
WHERE: In the new house! I don't know where that is.
WHEN: Oct 15? Close enough.
WHAT: Big reveals! But why didn't Aurican ask the questions earlier? Simple: he's a kid with poor attention span.
WARNINGS: Nothing I can think of.

Feelings are intense; words are trivial )

They're kind of an annual thing.

Oct. 16th, 2017 08:30 pm
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WHO: Yuichiro Hyakuya, open
WHERE: Heropa apartments,
WHEN: 16th October
WHAT: Small gathering to celebrate his birthday. Who let him turn eighteen and become an adult. No really.

Small party earlier in the day and then if people still hang around, heading outside to stargaze if anyone did want to join him and Mika for it.

It's his birthday! )

hiatus + power update!

Oct. 16th, 2017 12:12 pm
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Hey lads! Just as a general heads up for anyone who doesn't have me on plurk, I've been hit with illnesses galore the last few weeks (nothing dramatic just inconvenient) so I'm calling a hiatus for the rest of October until I get back up to healthy speed.

More importantly and interestingly, I'm going to send Beth off for her power update in this time! I've written up a big old tl;dr detailing what it'll be about HERE if anyone wants to have a read, and she has a PERMISSIONS POST with some questions for you to fill out right at the very end if you so desire.

She'll be porting out from the 20th - 31st October, mostly to assist with giving myself a break, and I'm excited to do weird power shit when I'm back on track!

Cheers guys x

(no subject)

Oct. 15th, 2017 04:03 am
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WHO: Archie Andrews & Betty Cooper & Magnus Chase
WHERE: A barn at the Meadows
WHEN: After this/this!
WHAT: Betty flexes her cool car know-how, the boys are there for moral support and/or to bring her drinks, probably.
WARNINGS: Too many cute wholesome teens in one barn. Very dangerous. Deep Regrets

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Oct. 15th, 2017 04:59 pm
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WHO: Taako and friends
WHERE: Maurtia Falls + Heropa
WHEN: October
WHAT: Open log & catch-all!
WARNINGS: Mentions and use of recreational marijuana in two prompts

● MAKE-UP COUNTERopen to all

[ The d.w.a.r.f cosmetics shop and salon in the Maurtia Falls Mall has become something of a destination lately, what with having such an unusual imPort working for them. Taako soaks up the attention of doing makeup demos and full styling appointments, almost always to an audience--either in person, or in his Instagram fans' comments to d.w.a.r.f's posts featuring him. Maybe you've come to see for yourself what the hype is about, or maybe you're just trying to buy lipstick in peace, but either way, enjoy the show as Taako gets started.

He animates the tools around him, setting them floating in mid-air and moving them closer or further to him as he needs them. There are some definite theatrical flourishes to his work, clearly the work of a man (elf) who has performed for a crowd before. He rolls a nat 20 on his performance check, making the show especially enthralling, casting subtle bursts of light and even hints of music as he works. The end result is one very dramatic look on one very starstruck customer.

So! Who's next?

● MAGIC LESSONSlessons closed to Tina & Angus; open to onlookers

[ The backyard of Maurtia Falls #3 is usually chaotic, be it giant pets escaping to terrorize squirrels, arguments about what is allowed to be planted in what garden bed (no growing "herbs" in the same bed as Taako's cooking herbs is a big one, since Merle's arrival), or just the chaos of a house full of rowdy boys and slightly less rowdy teens. But this afternoon, it's surprisingly orderly, and shockingly quiet.

Quiet, that is, until a thunderous boom cracks from the sky that's heard all over the Maurtia Falls imPort neighborhood, and lawn chairs go flying away from where Taako has just cast Thunderwave, the tip of his Umbra Staff still pointed away from himself and his students, Angus and Tina.

And that's how you waste a perfectly good spell slot: with style.

more closed prompts below the cut )

daybreak over the ocean

Oct. 15th, 2017 04:22 pm
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WHO: arthur and joshua but open to anyone else who frequents the premises!
WHERE: messianic figures boyband dorm aka Heropa #19 and nearbyish
WHEN: mumble
WHAT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-P0m0M_8pc
WARNINGS: tba if needed

moonlight still on the sea )

+1 Lion Guy

Oct. 16th, 2017 12:47 am
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Hey gang! This is Skalja, your friendly neighborhood Peter Parker player. After nearly seven (7) years at Cape and Cowl and Mask or Menace with one (1) character, I am *gasp* finally bringing in a second character -- Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane, joining the cast from Voltron: Legendary Defender. For those of you unfamiliar with his canon, Shiro is an astronaut from the future who got kidnapped by aliens, escaped, then found himself leading a ragtag team of human teenagers piloting mecha cats created by different aliens to fight the evil empire of the first aliens. Y'know, as one does.

Shiro will be in Heropa #14, working for now as a guide at the Fight or Flight War Museum. He'll have an intro log and starter thread at the swear-in up soon, but you should also feel free to contact me by PM or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] skalja if you want to plot something with him or Spider-Man! I've had a huge amount of fun playing Peter over the years here and while he's not going anywhere, I'm looking forward to shaking things up and getting into even more shenanigans with Shiro.

A final note: Shiro is a trauma survivor with PTSD, or symptoms as close to it as one can get in a cartoon about robot lions. I will be putting warnings on threads/logs/posts where this comes up or is likely to come up, but please do check out his permissions post for details and let me know if you want to opt out of threading with him, would like me to check in with you OOCly before tagging, or some other option. I want playing pretendy funtime games with me to be actually fun, not stressful or triggering. Thanks!

closed; bar fight

Oct. 15th, 2017 07:34 pm
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WHO: Poe Dameron and Finn
WHERE: A shitty bar in Nonah
WHEN: Very very early in the morning on the 15th, many hours after Bela's Murder
WHAT: Poe takes out his frustration on the world
WARNINGS: Violence, mention of death/murder

it was a fire fiiiiight )

make the most of it

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:00 am
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WHO: Manabu, Brendan
WHERE: around Nonah
WHEN: Mid-Oct, assorted
WHAT: a big move, other talk
WARNINGS: nah, just cute

for however long it lasts )

(closed) First Date!

Oct. 15th, 2017 05:35 pm
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WHO: Laurel and Major
WHERE: Heropa 009
WHEN: 15th October
WHAT: A date!
WARNINGS: Cuteness, possible awkwardness and flirting.

When you smile, I melt inside... )

(no subject)

Oct. 15th, 2017 10:24 am
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WHO: Jonathan and open
WHERE: Heropa and Maurtia Falls
WHEN: Whenever
WHAT: Jonathan's getting into the Halloween Spirit! Also, working out.

Heropa 004 )

Dawn of the Delts Gym )

Halloween store )

Heropa 004 (outside this time) )
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WHO: Jyn Erso & Veronica Sawyer
WHERE: DeChima & elsewhere maybe
WHEN: Mid-October
WHAT: Veronica confuses non-Earthling Jyn by trying to explain Halloween.
WARNINGS: N/A. Will update as needed.

With the month of October already half-completed, it's impossible for Jyn not to notice all of the strange .. decorations that keep sprouting up all over town. There seems to be a pattern of the colors orange and black, carved faces in strange orange vegetables that no one seems to eat once they've carved them, and an obsession with all things related to death: skeletons, things called vampires, other things called werewolves, and even other things called mummies. Jyn's mostly gone about her daily life ignoring the decorations and .. strange behaviors everyone seems to engage in, having no frame of reference for what she assumes is an upcoming holiday, but eventually gives in and decides to ask the only person she'd trust enough to ask about it: Veronica.

She's a native to Earth who's gone to great lengths explaining its strange customs and idioms to the space-faring residents of their shared household. Certainly she'll know what's going on.

When Jyn walks into the living room, she finds Veronica sitting on the couch, watching television. She walks over and plops on the couch, but instead of facing the screen, she's sitting sideways, focus on the teenage girl who's now giving her odd looks.

"What's going on with all of these odd - things?" she asks, vaguely gesturing as though that might be an adequate explanation. "Why is everything orange and black all of a sudden? Why are there crudely and inaccurately drawn skeletons hanging up on people's doors?"


Oct. 14th, 2017 10:58 pm
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[ Video starts off with the image of the saddest looking, middle-aged man you can ever think of. He's already beginning to bald, and his beard is a thin, sad thing. Over all, he looks like a man who had seen some things.

He's also holding the camera upside down. ]

Is this how it works?

[ Someone off camera said, "Yeah, you had it turned on, so you can say anything now."

The man coughed. ]

'ullo. I'm Eddison Tollett. I'm from Westeros.

[ The other voice added, "hey, if you make mentions of your job from home . . . " and it became fainter, but the man named Edd seemed to understand his directions. He nodded in the way that one is still confused but managed to follow some of the logic. ]

Hash tag Night's Watch.

[ There's a pause. He looks up beyond the camera, confused. ]

So that makes it easier to find?

[ "No, you have to type it." Edd now looks a annoyed in a morose tone. ]

How in the seven hells do you people write anything with these tiny things? I can barely pick the fleas off my coat, never mind make tiny letters with tiny words.

[ The messages here are smaller than the scrolls on ravens, and that's something. ]

How do I type it?

[ The anonymous helper told him to press the button to end the recording. Instead, poor Edd sent it to the network instead. ]
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