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Trucy Wright ([personal profile] everylittlething) wrote2014-05-12 11:08 am

Permissions Post (Perceiving)

Trucy has inherited the ability of "Perception" from her mother-- a sort of "kinetic sight." She has a sharp sense of sight and can subconsciously detect tics, habits and tells in people who are nervous, lying, or trying to conceal something. She frequently uses this ability to help her father win poker games.

It is entirely possible for Trucy to miss a tell from particularly calm or skilled person-- she doesn't have a bracelet to amplify her ability like Apollo does, so she occasionally doesn't notice something that he does.

I will generally ask before Trucy spots your character's lying to her, or at least run it past you before I have her act on the fact. But if your character is an exception to this, or you don't want her ever spotting their lies, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

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